The Soviet Union
The Soviet Union - a conglomeration of nations forged in the fires of revolution are a force seemingly locked in eternal combat with the capitalist West. Their ideals are the subjugation of all under equal rule by an oligarchy of the most fortunate. The Allies seek to lure the Soviet people with material wealth but the Soviet people are better than that! They forge their own path, an arrow into the heart of the Allied union - Europe.

Soviet weaponry, often crude compared with Allied techniques, is devastatingly effective. Their armor battalions are the most powerful in the world and their infantry effective and numberless. The USSR would have crushed the Allies long ago had it not been for their cunning and cheap tricks. In fact it is often the Soviet military who play the pawns in war, as the Allies use higher forces of time manipulation to pitch the conflict in their favour.

Below is information on the four countries playable in multiplayer.

Soviet Russia



Libyan Caliphate


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