YR Red-Resurrection created by OmegaBolt 2010-2021.


  • Ares developed by AlexB, with previous support from pd, DCoder, Renegade, Graion Dilach (Attacque Supèrior), Electro & Marshall.
  • Original client created & developed by Rampastring, additional engine customisation & tools by Starkku.
  • CnCNet5 spawner created by tomsons26lv, Iran & CCHyper.

Website / Manual

  • Additional unit & structure info setup by Asylum.
  • Various unit descriptions by Asylum, Admiral Pit, Morton, Peacekeep0r, TY, tyhednus & Alstar.

Special thanks

  • Starkku (Project Phantom) for setting up the client, providing constant support, updates and additional features, as well as invaluable modding advice.
  • Admiral Pit, Alstar, Asylum, Black Snow, Damfoos, Graion Dilach, modder666, Morton, Nox, PeaceKeep0r, StolenTech, tyhednus & TY for contributing to the development process of 2.2, through testing and feedback which drove the creation of this mod.

Orange credits indicate non-public assets.

United States Campaign

The following characters were performed and recorded exclusively for YR Red-Resurrection.

Intelligence Officer Marie Labrie played by Cari Scholtens.
Colonel Keen played by Ki McKenzie.
President Hamza Al-Sanussi played by Matthew Vanston.
President Doug McDonald played by Austin Trench.
US Informant Nikoomba played by OmegaNuke.

  • Mission 1: Intervention created by OmegaBolt.
  • Mission 2: Green Energy created by Morton, edited by OmegaBolt.
  • Mission 3: Smackdown created by OmegaBolt.
  • Mission 4: Hand of Fate created by Asylum, edited by OmegaBolt.
  • Mission 5: Fire and Fury created by OmegaBolt.
  • All cutscenes and dialogue written & produced by OmegaBolt.


  • Grenadier SHP by raminator, cameo source by The Hunter
  • Medic SHP by Lord Kal, cameo by Brian Prime
  • SAS Commando SHP by MedalMonkey
  • Rikishi SHP conversion by Kenosis
  • Shinobi SHP by MadHQ
  • Sonic Enforcer SHP & cameo by Trans_C, vocals by Graion Dilach
  • Wasp SHP by MadHQ
  • Headhunter SHP by DonutArnold
  • Assault GI SHP by Kenosis
  • Cryo Legionnaire SHP by Starkku
  • Brut SHP by Holy_Master
  • Spanner SHP by Starkku, vocals by Acid_Amoeba
  • Minamoto SHP by Holy_Master, deploy weapon animation by Graion Dilach
  • Mercenary Gunner SHP by raminator
  • Mercenary Rocket Troop SHP by raminator
  • Crab Mine SHP by Holy_Master
  • Gurkha SHP by Augusto


  • Chrono Miner voxel by Orac
  • IFV voxel by azri_apoc
    • Default turret by OmegaBolt
    • Grenadier turret by OmegaBolt
    • Repair turret edit by OmegaBolt
    • Adv Missile turret by Alstar
    • Initiate turret edit by Damfoos
    • Virus turret edit by Damfoos
    • Kommissar turret by Damfoos
    • Sonic Enforcer turret by Damfoos
    • Cryo turret edit by NucleiSplitter
    • Desolator turret edit by NucleiSplitter
    • X-Soldier turret edit by NucleiSplitter

  • Robot Tank voxel by Orac
  • Liberty Tank voxel by Tony
  • Nighthawk voxel edited by Zephyrus
  • Skitter voxel by MadHQ
  • Allied MCV voxel edit by Fryone
  • Scrambler voxel by MadHQ, weapon animation by Graion Dilach
  • Aroostook voxel by bu7loos, edited by Ambrosia
  • Mirage Tank voxel by PartyzanPaulZy, edited by modder666
  • Bishop voxel by MadHQ
  • Prism Tank voxel by Issly
  • Penguin voxel by partisanpaulZy
  • Terahertz Tank voxel by Tony
  • Siege Tank voxel by azri_apoc
  • Defender voxel by mevitar
  • Disruptor voxel converted by Starkku
  • Abrams Tank voxel by azri_apoc
  • Archangel SHP by Holy_Master
  • Vortex Tank voxel by MadHQ & Orac, weapon animations by Starkku, vocals by Hecthor Doomhammer
  • Battle Fortress voxel by Atomic_Noodles
  • Decimator Mech SHP by Orac
  • Wildcat voxel by Zerg_Kete
  • Iron Grunt chassis voxel by Sane Disruption, turret voxel by Lefthand
  • Tsunami Tank voxel by Creator
  • Stormfront voxel by Lefthand
  • Chrono Tank voxel by MadHQ

  • Lightning voxel by Mig Eater
  • Valkyrie voxel by Orac
  • Harrier voxel by Creator
  • Black Eagle voxel by Mig Eater
  • Warthog voxel by Mig Eater
  • Pintail voxel by Moder.U
  • Sunburst Drone voxel by Atomic_Noodles
  • Spirit Bomber voxel by azri_apoc

  • Amphibious Transport voxel by Atomic_Noodles
  • Gunboat voxel by B.A.Znd
  • Aegis Cruiser voxel edit by bu7loos
  • Destroyer voxel by cxtian39
  • Coast Guard voxel by Fryone


  • Construction Yard cameo by Atomic_Noodles
  • Arsenal SHP by MadHQ
  • Ore Refinery edit SHP by MooMan65
  • War Factory edit SHP by MooMan65
  • Airforce Command HQ SHP edit by Mig Eater
  • Service Crane SHP by MadHQ
  • Research Institute SHP by OmegaBolt
  • Weather Control Device SHP edit by Atomic_Noodles
  • Charge Thrower SHP by MadHQ
  • Patriot Missile SHP by gamemate
  • Gap Generator SHP by MadHQ
  • Prism Tower SHP edit by Atomic_Noodles
  • Regional Support Beacon SHP by tomsons26lv
  • Colonial Bureau SHP by OmegaBolt
  • Warp Node SHP by MadHQ
  • Quantum Lab SHP by OmegaBolt
  • Bastion SHP by OmegaBolt
  • Grand Cannon turret edit by NucleiSplitter
  • Sentinel Nest SHP by LaoTze
  • Pop Shell SHP by MadHQ
  • Arms Jammer SHP by MadHQ, voxel turret by Mig Eater
  • Annihilator Turret SHP by HG_SCIPCION


  • Kommissar SHP & cameo by Trans_C
  • Tesla Elite SHP & cameo by Dark_Elf_2001
  • Flamethrower SHP by raminator
  • Ironsmith SHP by Trans_C
  • Bazooka SHP by Rommel, vocals by Graion Dilach
  • X-Soldier SHP by Chrono Loony
  • Firebrand SHP by Trans_C
  • Chitzkoi SHP by Dark_Elf_2001, cameo by Mooman65
  • Volkov SHP by Dark_Elf_2001, cameo by Mooman65
  • Dr. Dobrilo SHP by Imp_Rulz
  • Lamia SHP by Imp_Rulz
  • Dante SHP by Turn-A Gamer
  • Homosos Cyborg SHP by MedalMonkey
  • Spetsnaz SHP by Trans_C
  • Slave Fighter SHP edit by Atomic_Noodles
  • Fury Drone SHP by MadHQ


  • War Miner voxel by snmiglight
  • Scorcher voxel by MadHQ
  • Rykov Transport voxel by azri_apoc & bu7loos
  • Hammer Tank chassis voxel by Salted Old, turret voxel by Bu7loos
  • Demo Truck voxel by azri_apoc
  • Grinder Tank voxel by MadHQ
  • Buratino voxel by azri_apoc
  • Tor chassis voxel by Bu7loos, turret voxel by Graion Dilach
  • Overseer voxel by bu7loos
  • Tito chassis voxel by OverWatch, turret voxel by Shepherd Moons
  • Blight voxel edited by Zephyrus
  • Graveler voxel by B.A.Znd
  • Apocalypse Tank voxel by TX1138
  • Cataclysm voxel by B.A.Znd
  • Tesla Mammoth voxel by azri_apoc, edited by Zephyrus
  • Perun voxel by orac & mevitar, vocals by Nicole d'Oresme, teleport animation by Graion Dilach
  • Devastator voxel by azri_apoc
  • Blitzer voxel by bu7loos
  • Cazador Gunship voxel by mevitar, vocals by Graion Dilach
  • Vandal Scraptank voxel by TX1138, raminator & OmegaBolt
  • Kirov Airship voxel by VoidDataPhoenix
  • Devilspawn by OverWatch
  • Stalin's Fist voxel by Lefthand, vocals by Graion Dilach
  • Hind voxel by Mig Eater, edited by Zephyrus
  • Badger voxel by Mig Eater
  • War Machine voxel by Lefthand, structure SHP by Xuetianyi
  • Tesla Battery voxel by azri_apoc

  • Sukhoi voxel by Mig Eater
  • Yak voxel by B.A.Znd, vocals by SomJoe
  • Vulture voxel by Cranium
  • Tupolev voxel by ConMan, vocals by Graion Dilach
  • Badger voxel by Mig Eater
  • Scourge voxel by ronco
  • Dark Shroud airstrike plane voxel by B.A.Znd

  • Armored Transport voxel by Atomic_Noodles
  • Zhaba voxel chassis by Atomic_Noodles & Melle, turret voxel by B.A.Znd
  • Sea Dragon voxel by ronco
  • Typhoon Submarine voxel by Atomic_Noodles
  • Dreadnought voxel edited by Zephyrus
  • Akula Submarine voxel by Atomic_Noodles


  • Construction Yard cameo by Atomic_Noodles
  • Air Strategy SHP by Nooze, snow variant edit by OmegaBolt
  • Tech Center SHP by BrianPrime & xuetianyi
  • Revolutionary Headquarters SHP by Brian Prime & tomsons26lv
  • Duplication Facility SHP by MadHQ, snow variant edit by OmegaBolt
  • Wall SHP edit by Atomic_Noodles
  • Sentry Gun SHP by HG_SCIPCION
  • Flak Cannon SHP by HG_SCIPCION
  • Guard Tower SHP by bu7loos
  • Cybernetics Core SHP by MadHQ, snow variant edit by OmegaBolt
  • Solaris Communicator SHP by MadHQ, snow variant edit by OmegaBolt
  • Torpedo Tower SHP by MadHQ
  • Shock Mines SHP by Zerg_Kete, snow variant edit by OmegaBolt
  • Tesla Coil SHP by Brian Prime, tomsons26lv & Atomic_Noodles
  • Revolver SHP by Nooze
  • Death Hand Silo SHP by MadHQ
  • Resistance Tunnel SHP edit by OmegaBolt

Secret Lab

  • Lasher Light Tank voxel by TX1138
  • Chaos Drone voxel by Moder.U
  • Magnetron voxel by OverWatch
  • Floating Disc voxel by Bu7loos


  • Mammoth Tank voxel by Mig Eater
  • Space Shuttle voxel by MadHQ
  • Ammo crates SHP by tomsons26lv
  • Scream vocal by JackoDerp
  • Destructible Rocks SHP by Nooze
  • All cameos, unless mentioned, by OmegaBolt
  • Red Alert 2 campaign conversions by OmegaBolt with additional fixes and maintainance from Asylum
  • Explosions and other animations by Apollo, Starkku & Donut Arnold
  • Various civilian buildings by gangster, Nooze & G-E
  • Various SHP edits by Atomic_Noodles
  • Building placement SHP by snmiglight, edited by OmegaBolt
  • Temperate terrain theatre by OmegaBolt
  • Tundra terrain theatre by OmegaBolt. Original textures by Starkku & modder666, created for Project Phantom & Final War
  • Desert theatre by MooMan65 with additional terrain and edits by OmegaBolt
  • Lunar space expansion by OmegaBolt

Developed by OmegaBolt 2010-2018, hosted by the Revora Creative Community
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