Game Options
There are a number of options that can be adjusted prior to starting a match. Most of them are self-explanatory, but to alleviate any doubt, here is what they do:

  • Ingame Allying: allows combatants to form or break alliances after the game has started.

  • Build Off Allies: enables a commander to place structures anywhere that one of their allies has building adjacency.

  • Redeployable MCVs: allows Construction Yards to unpack into a Mobile Construction Vehicle.

  • Limit MCVs: limits the possible number of Construction Yards and MCVs per played to 1.

  • Brutal AI: causes all AI-governed armies to produce more units and attack more often. Select this option if you want an extra challenge.

  • Crates Appear: will make a variety of 'power-up crates' spawn at random locations, on land and water, throughout the battle.

  • Immune Tech Bldgs: makes all Tech Buildings and Neutral Structures (except the Artillery Bunker) completely indestructible, and removes building adjacency on all Tech Buildings.

  • Short Game: means that only a commander's structures (including MCVs, but not captured Tech Buildings or Neutral Structures) must be destroyed in order to eliminate them from the field. If unticked, every one of their units must be hunted down in order to end the battle.

  • Unlimited Storage: allows a commander to amass potentially endless funds without having to build additional Ore Refineries to contain the ore.

  • Naval Combat: if has sufficient water is available, ticking this option enables the construction of Naval Shipyards to assemble a fleet. Will be greyed out if the map does not allow it.

  • Stolen Tech: allows the Science Lab and War Palace to be infiltrated, granting access to a special high-tech unit. Infiltrating a Construction Yard with this option ticked will also provide special technology, in addition to resetting the opponent's radar.

  • Superweapons: enables the construction of the Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, Nuke Silo and Weather Control Device.

  • Game Speed: alters the framerate and therefore the speed of the game (default is Fast - 30FPS).

  • Starting Units: sets the number of GIs and Liberties, or Conscripts and Hammers, that a commander receives at the start of a battle.

  • Credits: controls the initial amount of funds available to all commanders.

  • Tech Level: adjusts the availability of technology for the battle by tech tier.

Game Modes
A variety of gamemodes are available in YR Red-Resurrection that each alter the game in a specific and special way.

Your typical skirmish/multiplayer battle. Destroy all opponents to win.

End of Nations

All the nations of each faction combine their forces, meaning that an Allied commander has access to the technology of all Allied countries, and a Soviet commander has access to the technology of all Soviet countries.

Unholy Alliance

Allows everyone access to all Allied and Soviet technology.

Crate Wars

A slew of power-up crates will appear at random locations anywhere on the map, very frequently.

Bounty Hunters

Instead of mining ore, commanders will have to rely on indestructible Oil Derricks and destroying enemy forces to gain income. All kills achieved by conventional means will reward the slayer with 25% of the fallen unit's value, or 50% for razing a structure.

Dead Resurrection

Just like standard except infantry will never stay dead! A few moments after their demise, soldiers will arise from the field, dripping with blood and organs, transformed into terrifying monsters with a single desire in their tiny minds - BRRRAAAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNSSS!

Bottoms Up

Inverted tech regarding units. Previously T4 units are now available directly from factories, T3 from the Arsenal / Ops Tower, T2 from the Tech Center / Intel. Complex and T1 from the Science Lab / War Palace / Revolutionary Headquarters. Ore miners, Engineers, MCVs and Amphibious / Armored Transports are exceptions.

Sole Survivor

Rather than building a base, commanders are sent to the battlefield with a ragtag group of units, tasked with protecting a very volatile cargo: a Demo Truck. If the Demo Truck is destroyed, the commander is completely eliminated from the battle. In addition, numerous power-up crates will spawn at random locations.


Starting with a handful of units, you play as a mercenary group and much kill enemy units to generate income. You must protect your War Machine, a mobile war factory, that can be moved and deployed anywhere to construct vehicles. However, the blueprint to produce vehicles must also be gathered first by sending a vehicle into the War Machine, reverse engineering the technology and allowing you to build copies. Units can be found in crates scattered around the map.


Intended to provide an easier setup for those who wish to play competitive 1v1 and 2v2 games, this gamemode features a locked set of map options as well as a much smaller, curated map pool where only the best maps for tournament play are kept. Furthermore, everyone starts with a single Attack Dog at the start of the game to aid with scouting.

The Final Frontier

The one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism. Choose this mode to take your forces on a journey to the moon, the asteroid belt, or just about anywhere else beyond Earth's atmosphere. In such an exotic environment, many earthly weapons will not work: electricity needs air to propagate, combustibles need oxygen to burn, propeller and jet aircraft need an atmosphere to fly, and of course, infantry must be supplied with space suits and oxygen tanks in order to survive. Thus, when fighting in outer space, the two factions combine and revise their arsenals, ending up with the following:



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