The Resurrection
Red-Resurrection follows the Allied victory in Yuri's Revenge, with a twist...

The war against Yuri's psychic insurrection was swift but destructive - the damage he caused to the political balance in the world was perhaps irreversible. A fragile peace treaty was signed between the Allies and Moscow however it would not last long... every nation was desperate and suspicious. Not only that but the effects of the Allies' time twisting finally came to fruition - time quakes altered space as the divergent time lines merged, deciding the final fate of humanity.

Time binds us all.

Now, unbeknownst to the world, the balance of power has been altered by a force entirely out of control. The Allies and Soviets sit on the brink of oblivion. The Red Army has amassed fresh troops millions strong from the most powerful communist powers around the globe. Despite the Allies technologically superior force the Soviets now have enough strength to rival their imperialist control once more. Fueled by hatred and revolution they are poised to strike.

Worst of all for the Allies, the United States have resolved not to enter conflict with the Communist superpowers after invasion and economic recession. It is down to the free countries of Europe to defend themselves from the hammer and sickle: the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Greece stand before the red menace, ever advancing.

Time has proved it cannot be manipulated without consequence but with steadfast determination we can decide our own destinies.

The future is in your hands, Commander.

Red-Resurrection features;
  • Powered by Ares, the engine expansion, means Red-Resurrection opens up new possibilities and gameplay elements including reverse engineering enemy technology, vehicle hacking, lasting weapon effects, advanced control over self healing and passenger survivors, new support powers, new tech buildings, new stolen technology, altered prism linking and much much more.
  • The Allies and Soviets: two factions, mortal enemies, with almost completely new arsenals to wage war with once again.
  • Four countries per faction featuring their own special technology.
  • Finely tuned units and weapons coded from scratch means the mod plays fairer and smoother than ever before, including new graphical effects.
  • New support powers are accessed by both factions, keeping the battle raging, including airstrikes, repair powers and huge paradrops!
  • Advanced stolen technology gives a deeper use for espionage and sabotage.
  • Over 50 extra multiplayer maps sourced from the community and edited for the mod.
  • New and improved game modes, each intending to provide a different style of play and experience.

Developed by OmegaBolt :: Hosted by Revora at the CNCGuild

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